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It has come to our attention that most students have difficulty in writing essays. Our research shows that most of these students have no clue of what they are supposed to write about. Furthermore, they don’t know how to gather necessary information for their essays. Consequently, has decided to post samples of original essays. These samples are supposed to guide you towards crafting a compelling essays that will grab the attention of the admission committee.


The sample essays are written by our professional team of writers. Our writers have vast experience in the writing industry. Moreover, they have masters and PhD degree in various academic field. This is a clear indication of what to expect when you place an order at - a well written  custom essay. is reputed for its professionally written essays which are written to the client’s instruction. The sample essays are written to cover all types of essays. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find a sample essay of your field. Our sample essays are free of charge. However, you are not allowed to present a sample essay from as your own work, that will be plagiarism and you might lose the opportunity to join the college you are applying to.


The sample essays are there to give you an idea on how to write an essay. Also, these samples are our opportunity to advertise our services to our clients. If you have been impressed by our samples, then most probably you’ll seek our assistance to help you craft a  unique essay. In a nutshell, the sample essays should serve as your platform for crafting well written essays.


Types of Sample Essays

The sample essays we have at are as follows;

  • Law School Admission Essay

  • Graduate School Admission Essay

  • Scholarship Essay

  • Business School Admission Essay

  • Medical School Admission Essay

  • Personal Statement

  • Achievement Essay

  • Important Issue Essay

  • Profound Influence Essay

  • Future Goals Essay


Our samples essays are written to the highest standards. We value our clients that's why we ensure that we deliver essays that are unique, well written and free of plagiarism.


How to use our samples


If you find writing essays difficult or, you don’t know how to introduce your essay topic then is the place to be. Our sample essays will guide you in your writing process but first you’ll have to;


  • Choose a sample that is relevant to you, for example, if you want a law essay don’t read a medical essay.

  • Read the sample carefully.

  • Study how the essay has been structured, and how the information has been logically arranged.

If you still have difficulty writing your essay, is here to assist you.  We understand students have different levels of understanding a concept. Our professional writers will guide on the essay writing process.


Our writing service has written custom essays for hundreds of students worldwide. In addition, we have assisted students to craft unique essays.


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